Scrap metal shredding is a process where various types of discarded metal items, such as old vehicles or large household appliances, are shredded into more manageable pieces. This shredding is typically carried out using powerful shredders (fragmentisers), which can handle large volumes of material. Once the metal is no longer recognisable, the process reaches its final stage to meet regulatory requirements with the production of all the necessary documentation and proof of destruction.

The main benefits of metal shredding services are that they support recycling targets and the extraction of added value from the shredded metals through methods like Eddy Current Separation. These are the main reasons why so many industries find metal shredding services particularly advantageous. By implementing these services, companies can achieve sustainable goals and find new value in old metals.

metal shredding for scrap vehicles


Shredding metal is one of the most requested services we provide our clients with at Morecambe Metals. Thanks to this process, we enable businesses across different sectors to achieve their recycling goals by giving new life to a wide range of metals. As we explained above, metal shredding services grant a competitive advantage by extracting additional valuable materials through shredding, which are then recovered via ECS.

We are aware that in specific industries, there is a critical need to destroy metals to make them no longer identifiable and allow for their reuse. Our premium metal shredding services are the best solution for these customers, as they come complete with the necessary documentation and proof of destruction required to comply with security obligations. This helps them meet both their recycling and safety goals and addresses the unique demands of particular sectors and businesses.

On top of scrap metal shredding, we also offer a convenient scrap metal collection service to help our customers find the easiest way to scrap metal waste, as well as scrap metal recycling services to accommodate both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Do you have end-of-life vehicles that need to be scrapped? Do you need to get rid of old fridges or washing machines and are not sure how to tackle the matter? At Morecambe Metals, we can help you.

If you’re interested in learning more about our scrap metal shredding services and the various recycling techniques we employ to deliver the finest quality, feel free to get in touch with us.

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