Morecambe Metals is a company specialising in scrap metal recycling, processing and collection. Here’s where you can find the answer to your most frequently asked questions – and, if you’d like more information on our services and processes, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


What services do you provide?

We offer a large number of services at Morecambe Metals, including:

Our family-run business offers a comprehensive scrap metal recycling service, so you can trust us to handle your metal, be it from a construction site, a factory floor or a plumbing business.


Which metals do you accept and recycle?

We handle many different ferrous and non-ferrous metals at our processing plant, which means we can take care of a lot of materials. This includes:

  • Ferrous metals like mild steel, carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron
  • Non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel

You can also learn more about the metals we work with on our Resources page.


Why is it important to recycle metals?

There are many benefits to recycling metals, such as preserving natural resources and keeping costs low, since recycling uses less energy. It also helps reduce emissions, adds jobs to the economy and cuts back the damage to the environment, especially because places like mines and quarries can be noisy and heavily populated.


What processing techniques do you use?

Morecambe Metals use the latest techniques and processes to take care of scrap metal, such as ECS, baling, shredding and shearing. We only use the latest processes, which allow us to sort and process several scrap metal waste streams.


What is Eddy Current Separation?

ECS, or Eddy Current Separation, is one of the techniques we use at Morecambe Metals. It helps us to recycle more metals, since it allows us to separate and recover non-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper from residue produced by a shredder.

In essence, it consists of a short conveyor belt that transports waste and a high-powered rotating magnet; this magnet induces an electrical current and produces a magnetic field that results in conducting metals being repelled from the ECS.


Do you recycle end-of-life (ELV) vehicles?

We offer a Scrap My Car service that depollutes ELVs to current legislative standards. We remove tyres, batteries, fuel, and more, so that your scrapped car and its parts can be reused, recycled or disposed of correctly – always taking into account environmental standards too.


I need to clear my site of waste, can you help me do that?

Yes, we offer an industrial dismantling service to our customers in which we clear and process waste taken from your premises. This comprehensive service includes the removal of obsolete machinery, the dismantling of equipment, the recycling of parts and materials, and the necessary labour, lifting and transport.


Do you supply skips?

We provide a fleet of wagons to ensure an efficient collection service for all kinds of metal – as well as all quantities. Morecambe Metals has many different skips, bins and containers at your disposal, ranging from one cubic yard battery boxes to fifty cubic yard Rolonof bins. We can also provide a flatbed wagon with a crane and an articulated wagon if you require bulk collection.


Do you work with trade businesses?

Yes, and we also serve the industrial, commercial and domestic markets. We can easily process and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals, allowing us to produce the best-recycled products for all these sectors.


Can you help with haulage?

We want our clients to receive the best possible service, which includes helping with the cost of haulage. This service will cut down your costs by reducing the scrap load’s size to make more space. Our mobile baler service will help with this, so contact us if you need this service.


Why do you shred scrap metal?

The ability to shred scrap metal at our facility allows us to meet our recycling targets and extract added value material to recover through our Eddy Current Separation process. Some industries also require businesses to destroy and recycle waste metal, so scrap metal shredding helps our customers in this regard – we also provide all paperwork and evidence of destruction.

At Morecambe Metals, we use a 1250 horsepower shredder (fragmentiser) capable of shredding thousands of tonnes a year of infeed material, from EVLs to large household appliances.


Are you licensed?

Yes. Morecambe Metals is a fully authorised and approved waste management company. We’re licensed by the British Metals Recycling Association and adhere to UK health and safety standards. We make sure to update and manage our process regularly so we’re always compliant with the latest legislation.

When you choose us, you can be confident that:

  • All transactions are made under duty of care requirements
  • All purchases are recorded in our systems
  • All weighbridge transactions are recorded, both manually and electronically
  • All our vehicles are tracked by GPS
  • We ensure a transparent audit trail and fully compliant paperwork

Businesses need to comply with legislation when disposing of waste, including environmental, so it’s important you choose a company that is also compliant. In short, everyone has to fulfil their duty of care obligations when disposing of waste, which includes scrap metal, WEEE and ELVs.


When are you open?

Currently, we operate Monday through Friday from 07:30hrs to 16:30hrs. We close during the weekend. Our trading hours are from 08:00hrs to 15:30hrs during the week.


Where can I reach you?

You can contact us via our online form with a message or enquiry, call us on 01524 69191 or email us on

Our address is Northgate, White Lund Industrial Estate, Morecambe, Lancashire, LA3 3AZ.