What is the Role of Metal Shredding?

An important consideration when it comes to waste accumulation concerns safe and responsible disposal. Recycling tends to be the answer, and shredding is recognised as a crucial part of the metal recycling process. Since the role of shredding helps to reduce the size of a material, its significance in this process should never be underestimated, as it holds many advantages to you, scrapyards and the environment. Continue reading “What is the Role of Metal Shredding?”

The Evolution of Scrap Metal Collection and Recycling

Scrap metal collection and metal recycling have been an important service for various industries for years, with recycled metal used for machines, structures, and objects. But, the value of this process has not always been widely recognised.

The evolution of scrap metal collection and recycling, and what we know of it today, is different to how it may have been traditionally known. Years ago, recycling was critical to sustaining war efforts, and even today many UK towns are missing metal railings that were recycled into arms used to defend our nation. Continue reading “The Evolution of Scrap Metal Collection and Recycling”