How Important is Scrap Metal Recycling for The Future?

The effort to obtain raw materials is a struggle felt worldwide. While the demand for resources is growing, the globe is looking at alternative solutions to provide for manufacturing and construction without diminishing the world’s resources even further. It has been suggested that if the population continues to grow at its current rate, our natural materials could be exhausted within the next 20 years.

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How Not Recycling Damages the Environment More Than You Think

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. A catchphrase we have heard for that many years, it has now become a clique. But despite its status, it gains more importance every year. No longer is it a political movement, but an issue that has become a worldwide concern, with many leaders of the globe coming together to discuss the matter of resources diminishing and how we can combat the rise in pollution and greenhouse gases.

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What is the Most Valuable Scrap Metal?

Scrap metal buying and selling is a fickle industry, with prices fluctuating regularly. The cost is primarily influenced by the worldwide market for supply and demand. However, the prices can also vary with the quantity and quality of the scrap metal you may be looking to sell. This blog will cover the value of the different types of scrap metal, the importance of scrap metal recycling and the impacts that make the prices fluctuate.

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The Scrap Metal Journey

With over 30 years of experience in scrap metal recycling and as a large part of the local industry, we pride ourselves on our efforts to support the local economy and the environment. At Morecambe Metals, we ensure that all the scrap metal collected or delivered to our yards is disposed of correctly and in an environmentally conscious manner. This blog will explain the journey our scrap metal takes from reclaiming the metals to the melting process.

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What Is Factory Decommissioning?

Factories, or sections of a factory, may often reach a point where their intended use is no longer valid. Therefore, they will need to be decommissioned to allow the building to be demolished, dismantled, or repurposed. It can be a highly complex procedure and means following the correct guidance and finding a business that deals with commercial metal recycling. At Morecambe Metals, we pride ourselves on our industrial dismantling and commercial metal recycling services. We can carry this out for you and your business with a safe and efficient approach. We can work with everyone from small trading estate sites to large warehouses and heavy-duty utility sites, which means no job is too big for our specialist team.
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The Biggest Challenges Facing The Scrap Metal Industry

The scrap metal industry has been our area of expertise for over 35 years. We specialise in the recycling of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, this can vary from end of life vehicles to demolition scrap. Even though we have been in the business of scrap metal for a long time, we are no stranger to a challenge and the ability to solve problems when faced with them. The world is rapidly adapting, and as a business whose values lie heavily with sustainability in mind, we have learned to evolve with it.
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