Different Metals and Their Properties

Metals are some of the most widely used materials on the planet, as well as being one of the most extracted. Each metal that is extracted has different properties, and it is important to understand these so that you know if you are using that type of metal in the right application – and so that you know which ones to recycle and which ones you should scrap.

We love everything metal related, which is why we’ve come up with the most common metals that are used every day and the properties that they exhibit.

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From Inexpensive to Expensive: How Much is Your Metal Worth?

If you’re looking to earn a bit of extra money, scrap metal may not be the first place you’d look. However, scrap metal recycling can actually help you earn some money, whilst being better for the planet.

If you’ve just done a revamp of your home or you work regularly with metals, you might just find some items that could make you a little bit of cash. Whilst not all metals are worth big money, each one has its uses.

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Environmental Benefits of Scrapping Your Metal

The latest available data on commercial and industrial waste generation suggests an overall downward trend since 2012 – a reduction of 2 million tonnes in England – and is clearly welcome news. However, estimates suggest that in England alone, 32.2 million tonnes of such waste were generated in 2016, indicating that there is certainly more that could be done.

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