Scrap Metal Recycling Brings Life to Local Port

Here at Morecambe Metals, we’ve been recycling scrap metal for over 35 years. Scrap metal recycling forms the basis for a sustainable and renewable future, and one of our primary responsibilities is ensuring the scrap metal we take in doesn’t just sit on a scrap heap for years but completes its journey through the recycling process and emerges from the other side as a usable material, negating the need for virgin metal and preserving the planet’s resources. A key part of this process is exporting the scrap metal overseas to be recycled effectively. Continue reading “Scrap Metal Recycling Brings Life to Local Port”

Environmental Benefits of Scrapping Your Metal

The latest available data on commercial and industrial waste generation suggests an overall downward trend since 2012 – a reduction of 2 million tonnes in England – and is clearly welcome news. However, estimates suggest that in England alone, 32.2 million tonnes of such waste were generated in 2016, indicating that there is certainly more that could be done.

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