Morecambe Metals and a Game of Tonnes

Have you ever thought about just how much metal is used in the battles of Game of Thrones? We have. In fact, we decided to work out the weight of this metal.

As we spend our days working with scrap metal, processing and recycling it, we pay close attention to all the metal that is used in everyone’s favourite TV show!

We used rough numbers to help us figure out how much metal was used in the biggest battles in the show, assuming that a sword would weigh 1.5kg, a complete suit of armour would weigh 20kg and arrowheads would weigh around 13g (we’re also assuming that each archer released an average of 60 arrows).

Of course, these are only estimates, but that’s a lot of steel and iron in need of scrap metal recycling!

By our calculations, the battle that produced the most scrap metal was the famous Battle of the Blackwater. Fought in the capital, Kings Landing, this battle involved a huge number of fighters and resulted in up to as many as 94,000 deaths. We estimated that at least 1,842 tonnes of metal was used in the battle.

If a sword weighs 1.5kg, and 1000 swords were used to create the Iron Throne, that would put it at 1.5 tonnes, meaning that the Battle of the Blackwater alone produced over 1000 times the weight of the Iron Throne!

It seems as though the residents of Westeros could have really done with some kind of scrap metal collection service available to them…

While they may be reliant on dragon fire to melt their steel and iron down, you don’t have to. In fact, there’s a much more efficient way of recycling your scrap metal. Just contact Morecambe Metals to find out more!

Morecambe Metals Infographic - Game of Tonnes