The Dangers of Factory Clearance (And Why Morecambe Metals Should Do It)

It’s important to clear your facilities when you move to other premises, when you require the site to be decommissioned or simply when you need to get rid of unwanted machinery.

One of the key services we offer here at Morecambe Metals is factory clearance, which means we can dismantle, clear and remove obsolete machinery from your premises – our service also includes a recycling solution, as we strive to do our best for the environment at all times.

But why is it better to let professionals do it instead of attempting to clear the premises yourself?

morecambe metals skip for factory clearance

What is Factory Clearance?

Most facilities will have items that are simply too big or heavy to move by yourself, or machinery that needs to be dismantled and processed, for instance. In addition, restoring an area to its previous glory after a refurbishment means getting rid of a lot of junk, which needs to be safely disposed of so as not to pose any risk to people’s health or the planet’s.

The best course of action is to hire the service of professionals who are qualified to do this. So, boiled down to its simplest explanation, the process refers to the removal of unwanted materials and equipment from premises, be it a small trading estate, a large warehouse, advanced manufacturing facilities or heavy-duty utility sites.

Morecambe Metals specialise in a variety of tasks, from scrap metal removal and waste management to stripping interior fittings and plant machinery removal and transportation.

Why is Clearance Dangerous?

Clearing a factory means disposing of a wide range of items, most of them heavy and bulky. Whether you want to get rid of desks and chairs, electrical appliances, scrap metal or heavy machinery, the last thing you want is for you or your employees to get hurt in the process.

Sure, you can hire skips, trolleys or pallet trucks to help you carry anything heavy, but you’re still incurring renting costs and also require the manpower to perform the clearance – if your employees are not used to this type of work, not only can they get hurt, as mentioned, but it will also take them a long time to fully clear the facilities.

In addition, even if you are able to clear your own premises of all machinery and equipment, most business owners are not aware of what they should do with it all, including any waste or rubbish. What should you do with it all? After all, you can’t simply (and randomly) dump it all somewhere!

arm grabber machine for factory clearance

Why Should You Let Morecambe Metals Do It for You?

Morecambe Metals has 35 years’ experience in scrap metal recycling, processing and removal, and are fully licensed to get rid of any waste from your factory in a safe and effective way. We also recycle everything and comply with the latest regulations and legislation.

You won’t have to worry about doing any sort of labour either, as we’ll perform all the lifting, processing and transport necessary to clear your premises. Our professional factory clearance team are well-equipped to process anything you’d like removed from your facilities – they’re trained in current health and safety practices as well, from wearing the correct personal protection equipment to safely loading, handling and storing scrap metal.

Health and safety are certainly a top priority for us and, because factory clearance can be a dangerous task, let us do everything – and go to all the hassle – instead of trying it yourself.

We’ve built a reputation for providing high-quality factory and industrial dismantling services to all of our customers, which, combined with our scrap metal recycling, guarantees that Morecambe Metals are efficient and capable of meeting even the highest of our clients’ standards.


At Morecambe Metals, we are specialists in scrap metal recycling and our factory clearance services ensure we remove everything you don’t want from your premises, and we also process and recycle materials and machines – always with the latest environmental practices in mind.

We clear facilities of any size as well, so you can rest assured that we have no issues tackling your plant or warehouse. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about this, as well as any of our other services, such as vehicle depollution and non-ferrous metal processing.