The Positive Impact of Scrap Metal Recycling

At Morecambe Metals, we’re a family-run company with over 35 years of experience in the scrap metal industry.

We already have several scrap metal recycling techniques under our belt, including the supply to both domestic and export markets with high quality recycled materials, but we’re always seeking new ways to improve and expand as recycling and processing experts.

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Benefits of Hiring Morecambe Metals for a Manufacturing Company/Factory

When running or managing a business within the manufacturing industry, keeping track of your working area and factory is vital to keeping a streamlined and efficient workflow.

While processes come and go, and systems are changing constantly, regardless of technology or changes, one process which will always be needed is factory clearance. Processes within manufacturing brings waste, and with waste comes different types of materials and metals.

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What is Commercial Waste and What Can be Recycled?

When it comes to industrial premises and commercial waste, a comprehensive and high-quality service from a specially trained crew is important to proper practices. So, what is commercial waste, and keeping in mind the types of metals and other materials which can be found at these commercial locations, what can actually be recycled?

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Spotlight on: Factory Clearance

We at Morecambe Metals have been a part of the scrap metal recycling and processing industry for over 35 years, and we have learnt so much in that time. We have also expanded the services that we provide for people around the North West of England, so it’s important to let you know about what we can provide for you and why it’s an important thing to be a part of.

Previously we’ve discussed the importance of vehicle recycling as well as discussing the science that goes into some of our services. Today, we’ll be talking about our factory clearance service and why it is important.

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