Benefits of Factory Clearances

Working in a clean and unobstructed workplace is important for productivity and satisfaction. When doing factory work, it’s natural for waste to accumulate, which then needs to be removed. Factory clearance removes this unwanted scrap metal and waste so that you can work in an uncluttered and safe environment and not worry about having to deal with it yourself.

There are many advantages to this process, then, such as:

Factory clearances can be a challenging time. Let us help you get your premises perfectly clean.


As it’s often the case, scrap metal and other rubbish tend to build up while working in factories. Having to take care of them can be very inconvenient, not to mention unsightly, especially if it’s visible to everyone, from employees and managers to visitors. Utilising professional removal services ensures that your requirements are always met and done at a time that suits you.

We can tailor our services to suit your needs, no matter whether you provide mechanic services and need to dispose of ELVs or individual parts, or you specialise in demolition and need site clearance.


Factory clearance is also incredibly beneficial for the environment. This is because certain types of waste may be polluting to the surrounding area, including water supplies and wildlife, for example. Ensuring that all scrap metal and waste is removed by professionals also ensures that this disposal is made in the correct and environmentally-friendly way.

At Morecambe Metals, we have extensive knowledge and experience of the industry and, as such, are capable of not just picking up your unwanted materials from your site, but also storing and recycling them appropriately.


Factory clearances, when performed by a professional team, are not just convenient but also cost-efficient. This is due to the fact that, otherwise, you’d have to collect the waste yourself, transport and dispose of it (as well as store it in the appropriate way). This is not just a hassle, but it can also become expensive to do all of this yourself.

After factory clearance, anything that needs scrapping can be recycled.


Of course, you may not even be able to remove the waste by yourself, and you certainly won’t have the necessary equipment to successfully recycle your scrap metal. This is where a specialist scrap metal recycling company comes in extremely handy.

After all, it’s important that the people removing them know what they’re doing and have the necessary experience of handling such materials as well. This is why all of our specialist team members are trained in the current health and safety standards. This includes wearing the appropriate protective equipment and safe loading and storage of scrap metal.

We are also fully authorised and approved to remove any waste from your factory safely. Our professionals know how to handle unwanted materials and are fully equipped to do it efficiently.


At Morecambe Metals, you can benefit from services such as industrial dismantling, factory clearance and the removal of obsolete machinery, and we’ll do all the labour, lifting and processing.

Just contact us at any time on 01524 69191 to learn more about how we can help or book your clearance with us. Alternatively, you can also email us at and a friendly member of the team will be on hand to assist.