Spotlight on: Factory Clearance

We at Morecambe Metals have been a part of the scrap metal recycling and processing industry for over 35 years, and we have learnt so much in that time. We have also expanded the services that we provide for people around the North West of England, so it’s important to let you know about what we can provide for you and why it’s an important thing to be a part of.

Previously we’ve discussed the importance of vehicle recycling as well as discussing the science that goes into some of our services. Today, we’ll be talking about our factory clearance service and why it is important.

Spotlight On Factory Clearance | Morecambe Metals Blog

What Service Do We Provide?

At Morecambe Metals, we offer a service that focuses on industrial dismantling, factory clearance, and the removal of obsolete machinery that includes all the necessary labour, lifting, and processing equipment and transport. This ensures that everyone from our staff to the workers on the site is as safe as possible from the clearance process.

Industrial dismantling can be anything from removing certain unimportant parts from your business premises or the entire dismantling of old machinery that you don’t use anymore. The factory clearance service means that we will be able to come to your premises and remove any excess scrap when your factory has been demolished and you are wanted to remove the scrap metal that is left or you have a lot of scrap metal in your factory and you have no other way of removing it.

The Importance of Safety

The most important thing to consider when providing the factory clearance service is ensuring that health and safety is a top priority. Factory clearance involves the removal of heavy pieces of scrap metal, as well as the dismantling of huge metallic structures; if one of these were to fall in the wrong direction during demolition, then health and safety could be compromised.

Because of this, our team here at Morecambe Metals are fully trained in the current health and safety practices, which involves safe loading, the handling and storage of scrap metal, and wearing the correct protection.

Work Place Safety

Why is Factory Clearance Important?

It is particularly important if you are relocating your business to somewhere else and the factory becomes disused and falling into disrepair. However, it isn’t just a straightforward process; a lot of planning is required in the clearance process.

No matter what the size of the factory is, whether it is a small trading estate site or a heavy duty utility site, it is vital to ensure a plan has been thoroughly prepared, as the factory/warehouse could potentially yield a vast amount of scrap metal, but could also contain hazardous materials.

As such, it is important to ensure that everyone that is involved in the industrial dismantling process follows the legislations when it comes to the disposal and removal of waste and scrap metal.

But it’s okay; everyone at Morecambe Metals that provides the factory clearance service follows all the regulations, legislations, and current practices that are required when it comes to this service.

With a fleet of wagons and specialist clearance experts at our disposal, you can rest assured that we will be able to offer a complete clearance service for you. Why not  fill in our enquiry form today if you need a comprehensive factory clearance service?