How Our Scrap Metal Processes Promote Sustainability

We specialise in scrap metal recycling, processing and collection. So by choosing to recycle your waste metal and machinery, you can promote sustainability throughout your business. 

Our experienced team are trained in current health and safety practices, including safe loading and the correct handling and storage of scrap metal. So, you can trust that we will recycle or reuse scrap metal and spare parts wherever possible.

With various recycling techniques at our disposal, in this blog, we’ll take a look through the different processes and services that we offer and how they promote sustainability.

Elite Non-ferrous Processing 

Non-ferrous metals are made up of materials that are not iron-based. By processing these materials, we can contribute toward preserving the earth’s resources and increasing sustainability.

Our spectrometer allows us to test and analyse metals for copper, nickel and aluminium properties. These non-ferrous metals are easy to work with as they are lighter and more malleable than their counterpart; they also promote sustainability due to their higher resistance to corrosion and rust than ferrous metals like cast iron or high-carbon steel.

The use of our powerful Eddy Current Separator machinery allows us to organise scrap metals into non-ferrous metals and waste, which we then send for further recycling.

Throughout our 35 year history, we’ve continued developing and growing the techniques we use to produce and market non-ferrous grades of the highest quality.

Mobile Bailing 

When using our mobile bailing services, you can reduce the cost of haulage by having the materials baled before transportation. 

Bailing is an essential step of metal recycling and working sustainably, by reducing labour time and unnecessary fuel consumption. Our machinery compresses the material into a tight bale which is easy to transport, store and handle.  

Our metal balers cut, crush, and bale various scrap materials, including cars, aluminium products, and even washing machines! By reducing this type of waste from your business or premises, you can ensure scrap is correctly disposed of and contribute toward the reuse of recycled metals in your industry. 

scrap metal baling service


By shearing scrap metal, we can trim and remove unwanted parts from otherwise recyclable goods. 

Shearing is a great way to recycle and promote sustainability as our powerful shearing tool allows us to efficiently process metal for recycling to produce high-quality cut grade materials. We can easily shear materials such as aluminium, bronze, brass, stainless steel and mild steel. 

Vehicle Depollution 

Cars are more toxic to the environment than you may think — if left to rot, they can cause harm to humans and become a potential environmental health hazard. They are machines, fuelled on oil, coolants, battery acids and refrigerants, so when it comes to thinking about scrapping your car, it’s essential to do it safely and sustainably.

The main steps to depolluting a vehicle are to remove the battery, tyres, airbags and catalytic converter. Following the removal of these important components, the car can then be crushed, and the metals, plastics and other materials can properly be sorted and recycled. 

Industrial plant worker repairing car parts in auto repair workshop - Mechanical engineer inspecting and adjusting vehicle part - Manufacturing factory, student apprentice and skilled work concept

Factory Clearance 

Our comprehensive industrial dismantling service means that we can clear and process waste from your premises. By dismantling components, as well as removing waste and machinery, we can reduce the risk of hazards, as well as health and safety issues.

By recycling your factory or warehouse waste, you are promoting sustainability, with the reassurance of knowing that we’ll dispose of and recycle all waste safely and effectively.

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