What Happens If You Don’t Recycle Your Car?

There comes a time when your car has had its day. Your beloved vehicle has lasted with you, but it’s time for it to be scrapped and recycled as it just cannot continue. But what would happen if you didn’t recycle your car?

As we are all aware, recycling is a major factor in helping the environment, and the amount of scrap metal produced from recycled cars has resulted in great things and helped produce other items and products. Have you actually thought about the effects of what would happen if we didn’t recycle this metal? Continue reading “What Happens If You Don’t Recycle Your Car?”

The British Metals Recycling Association: Who Are They?

As a proud member of the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), we know how integral the work is that this association is in the recycling world.

As someone outside of our industry, though, you may not understand what being a member of the BMRA means, and how it ultimately affects the service that we provide to you. In short, it means that we’re able to guarantee environmentally friendly raw materials, but there’s a little more to it than that.

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The Importance of Vehicle Recycling

On average, a typical vehicle contains a weight of approximately 65% of iron and steel, 25% of which is recycled steel. Proper vehicle recycling ensures that certain vehicle components, such as batteries and other components, are correctly disposed of.

After being dismantled and its reusable parts resold, vehicle recycling brings advantages to everyone, especially the environment, as scrap metal is utilised for a wide number of end products!
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