Recycle Your Vehicle Locally with Morecambe Metals

Perhaps one of your cars is nearing its next MOT and you’re thinking, ‘is it finally time to scrap my car?’. Well, no-one likes to have to say goodbye to a much-loved car, but when you do you should ensure that you do so with a responsible company that can provide both ethical and eco-friendly services. Here, we talk about our vehicle recycling services and the benefits of car recycling.
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Scrapping A Car: Everything You Need to Know

Scrapping a car is no longer just a straightforward matter of driving it into the nearest breakers yard. Environmental legislation and controls continue to be tightened by both government and local authorities and this calls for authorised vehicle recycling. This has led to such vehicles falling into the category of “controlled waste” and this, in turn, affects both how the end of life vehicles are transported and subsequently disposed of. Continue reading “Scrapping A Car: Everything You Need to Know”

What Happens to Your Car Once You Scrap It?

An average of one million cars are crushed and scrapped every year. When a car isn’t of value anymore or isn’t being used, many people will opt for scrapping it. At the end of the cars useful life, vehicles do have value as a source of spare parts, which has created an industry for vehicle dismantling. Scrap metal recycling is also a great way to help the environment, as it lessens need to produce new metals and therefore saves energy.

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