How You Can Help The Environment by Recycling Your Unwanted Vehicles

No matter the reason why your car has reached the end of its life, be it due to damage or a failed MOT, it’s crucial to consider the next steps; what will you do now that you’re faced with a vehicle that you can’t drive anymore? Although most people are aware of things they can do around the home to help the environment, many still don’t know the environmental advantages of vehicle recycling.

While 20% of cars can’t be recycled, including plastics, it’s still undeniable that recycling offers a wealth of benefits, from monetary to environmental – so, ensure that you dispose of your vehicles properly and with a qualified company. Have a look at how you can help the planet by recycling your unwanted cars.

Preserve Natural Resources

Manufacturing steel instead of reusing it, for example, consumes a lot of energy, uses huge amounts of iron ore and means burning large amounts of coal, which contributes to an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Coal is needed to refine iron ore into steel and, in order to mine it, a lot of limestone is also destroyed, which further reduces the natural resources of our planet. More specifically, it’s estimated that every tonne of new steel can use up to 1,115kg of iron, 625kg of coal and 53kg of limestone.

This is just for steel; when you take into consideration that cars are made up from a large number of different materials, it becomes even clearer how vital it is to recycle as many of them as possible.

Furthermore, certain materials, such as lithium, are in short supply. This means that, by recycling your car, you can help reintroduce rare components back into the market, which will not only save resources but also protect areas against exploitation.

A Car being Recycled

Reduce Pollution

The ecological concerns raised by car manufacturing include the destruction of animal species as well. After all, the process impacts the air, the land and the sea by creating pollutants that damage these ecosystems, killing many species of fauna (and flora) and affecting the planet. By scraping and recycling your end-of-life vehicle (ELV), you can save up landfill space but, most importantly, you can prevent pollutants such as brake fluid and coolant from seeping into the ground and water systems or filling the air.

Once a vehicle is nearing the end of its lifespan, it tends to emit more polluting substances as well, so it’s crucial to stop driving it and recycle it instead.

Keep the Country Clean

When fewer materials end up in landfill, not only are you helping to cut down on pollutants that get released into local ecosystems, but you’re also saving space. Waste disposal sites can take up a lot of room and are a ‘sore’ sight, so keep areas of the country clean by reusing, depolluting and recycling vehicles instead of simply dumping them. Even the simple act of disposing of your vehicle properly can help to reduce the size of landfills as well as to cut down on their number.

Why Choose Morecambe Metals?

It’s of the utmost importance that you choose a company qualified to recycle vehicles. Due to the highly specified nature of this process, not everyone has the facilities and skills to safely and properly recycle a car. When you don’t recycle your car, the metals and substances that make it up will end up in landfill and pollute the environment; additionally, having to constantly source raw materials instead of reusing existing ones means spending an awful lot of energy and reducing natural resources.

So, in order to help the environment, we can easily scrap your car here at Morecambe Metals. With our purpose-built depollution rig, we always meet the current legislative standards; in our scrap services, we will remove the tyres of your ELV, as well as the battery, catalysts, fuel and other parts and components.

Recycle your vehicle locally with us and we’ll ensure the reuse, recycling and disposal of your vehicle. If you wish to learn more about our processes or have any questions relating to the recycling of your ELV, don’t hesitate to contact us today – our experienced and friendly team is more than happy to help.