The Importance of Scrap Metal Baling

The increasing amount of waste from human activity is a global phenomenon. Industrial waste, in particular, is a huge problem as it can be incredibly polluting to the air, water and the earth.

Ensuring that waste is correctly disposed of when it comes to the end of its life has numerous environmental benefits, as well as cutting expenses as the industry can reuse recycled materials.

Cubes of recyled cans

Metal recycling is an integral part of the process, as metals are easily recycled and can be reused over and over again. Some of the most useful machines in the recycling process are shredders, conveyors, compactors and balers.

Scrap metal baling is an essential process in the metal recycling industry. The process quickly and efficiently deals with metals, from small scrap pieces to washing machine and entire vehicles. Baling is an effective way to cut the cost of haulage and to maximise the payload on every waste collection.

You may be familiar with a baler as a piece of farm machinery designed to compress a cut and raked crop into a compact bale that is easy to handle, transport and store. The same applies to scrap metal balers, which do the same thing but with metal rather than hay or straw. Here’s a look at why this baling process is vital to the recycling industry.

What is Scrap Metal Baling?

The process helps to reduce the amount of labour and time needed to recycle metals by making it quicker, easier and reducing the amount of time and costs spent transporting the scrap for recycling.

Once the scrap metal has been compressed into bales, it is much easier to transport long distances to be reused for different purposes. This is because the baling process makes putting scrap metal into a furnace a much more straightforward process.

The baling machines compress the scrap into bales for smooth scrap management. Imagine the difference between hauling scrap metal in its raw form compared to smooth, uniform bales. It’d be much more difficult and costly, so balers are a great asset to the recycling industry, removing some of the inconvenience.

scrap metal baling

The Baling Process

Baling machines use their unique pressing process to distort larger pieces of metal into smaller shapes, such as cuboids or cylindrical, depending on the density of the metals. The machines use hydraulics to operate the pressing mechanic that crushes the scrap metal into bales. The machine will then shear the bales into blocks of particular sizes, which are then separated. These bales can then be transported and melted at its final destination ready to be turned into something else, completing the recycling process.

Baling machines are very active in the recycling industry, providing advanced acceleration and high speed. Baling your scrap metal helps to save costs by increasing how much scrap metal can be taken away by one vehicle, meaning that fewer journeys are required to remove your scrap metal off-site. When you send your waste off to appropriate recycling facilities, having them compressed into bales first means you are paying less to have them transported.

Scrap Metal Balers at Morecambe Metals

If you’re looking for scrap metal balers, at Morecambe Metals, we can come to you. Cut down on the cost of haulage with our mobile scrap metal baler that can come to your business and bale your materials before transportation.


Our baling service is fast and efficient and can crush, bale, and cut all of your scrap metal. Whether it’s aluminium products or even scrap like cars, you can rest assured that our range of metal balers is ideal for any recycling processes.

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We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers, which is why we offer our mobile scrap metal bale service so you can cut down on the costs of haulage. Whether you’re a commercial or industrial customer who needs a scrap baler, we are more than happy to help.

We have incredible facilities on-site to help you recycle your scrap metal quickly and efficiently. Morecambe Metals can provide you with complete scrap metal recycling services and scrap metal collection.

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