Vehicle Recycling: What Are the Advantages?

In the European Union, end of life vehicles, or ELVs, produce seven to eight million tonnes of waste. Its recycling and proper handling becomes vital, in order to ensure the reduction of toxic waste in the environment. The disposal of such vehicles needs to be done by professionals who know how to dispose of substances such as gasoline, coolants, and break fluids.

Environment Benefits

Steel is one of the main materials of a car; the majority of the components utilised to build it, including its framework, are made of steel. As iron is required to make steel, recycling vehicles helps to preserve iron ores. All waste that is produced as by-product of refining steel is also prevented, ensuring that air pollution doesn’t increase.

Waste in landfills is an increasingly bigger issue, and through vehicle recycling it’s possible to reduce the amount of waste present, and guarantee that less dangerous chemicals seep into groundwater and permanently contaminate the soil.

 Eco Car

Reuse of Vehicle Parts

In addition to protecting the environment, vehicle recycling allows for the reuse of parts that help to conserve the finite resources on Earth. Not all recycled vehicles are in a state of no repair; end of life vehicles often possess parts in good quality that can be reused for another vehicle. Conserving resources is vital; lithium is said to be in short supply, and vehicle recycling guarantees the reintroduction of such materials into the market.

Conservation of Energy and Resources

By ensuring the prevention of the manufacture of new steel, vehicle recycling helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. It also helps to conserve energy, as melting down existing steel is more efficient than refining iron ores.

Other materials utilised to manufacture vehicles, such as plastic, can be very damaging to the environment and, as vehicles are mass produced, the production of new plastic utilises big amounts of energy and new resources.

 Eco Friendly

At Morecambe Metals we ensure all vehicles are recycled properly; we are an authorised treatment facility, guaranteeing that every vehicle is adequately disposed of to current standards and legislations. Our team is composed of professional and expert members who are aware of the potential environmental harm that end of life vehicles can cause, and will ensure all procedures are followed.

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