How Not Recycling Damages the Environment More Than You Think

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. A catchphrase we have heard for that many years, it has now become a clique. But despite its status, it gains more importance every year. No longer is it a political movement, but an issue that has become a worldwide concern, with many leaders of the globe coming together to discuss the matter of resources diminishing and how we can combat the rise in pollution and greenhouse gases.

With it being such a significant and pressing issue, how does an individual’s part play in saving our green planet?

Resources and Finding New Material

The earth is not an endless pit of resources, and as the world’s population grows, as does the demand for manufacturing and construction. Each of these industries relies on new material, and mining for new material comes at a high cost to the earth and atmosphere. It diminishes land for farming and wildlife, creates a lot of pollution within the atmosphere and uses a great lot of energy to produce.

For steel, our ferrous metal recycling services use 75% less energy than it would to mine for more material. Over 40% of all steel worldwide is made from recyclable material. This is a significant amount, and as a scrap metal recycling facility, we can produce tonnes of material a week for export globally, reducing the need to endanger our planet with mining.

We cannot contribute to recycling steel if individual businesses choose not to recycle. We would not receive skips of reusable materials, without which the world’s resources would decrease at an even quicker rate than they already are.

What are the benefits of recycling scrap metal?

The most significant advantage of recycling your old cars or commercial metal waste is that it is beneficial to the environment and your income. As a scrap metal buyer, we accept a variety of ferrous and non ferrous metal for recycling and ensure that our customers only receive the best prices possible.

In addition, the energy you will be contributing to saving will be incredibly benevolent to the greenhouse gasses produced for the production of raw materials. Various materials require an assortment of energy uses, but by recycling, we can save;

92% energy from creating new raw aluminium

90% energy from creating new raw copper

56% energy from creating new raw steel.

Not contributing to scrap metal recycling allows your reusable metal to be taken to landfills, adding to their growing issues, creating pollution and putting a strain on the current resources.

The Greenhouse Gases and The Impact Waste Has

The biggest greenhouse gas within our atmosphere is Carbon Dioxide. A range of activities produces this, the biggest being the human-made impact we have built. Whilst it has a relatively low global warming potential, the crisis we have created within transportation and manufacturing fumes has made it a significant worry within global climate issues.

The major sources of carbon dioxide come from fossil fuel combustion, deforestation and cement production. Fossil fuel combustion is required to produce energy globally; this way of creating new energy is to power the domestic sector and the manufacturing sector. If we can reduce this with recycled metals, we can reduce the impact we are having on our planet by a considerable amount.

Fuel emissions are also a significant contributor to greenhouse gases. Car emissions have been tested since 1994 with diesel emission testing. Since then, there has been a tighter restriction across all vehicles on the road. It can be a costly fix for those cars and other vehicles that do not pass their emissions test. Putting your vehicle into our end of life vehicle recycling and upgrading can ensure that you do your bit for the environment.

How You Can Help Morecambe Metals Help The Environment

At Morecambe Metals, we like to ensure that we produce high-quality recycled metals with our efficient metal recycling services. We offer a range of solutions to ensure that your waste is fully recycled to the best of our abilities, from scrap metal collection to industrial dismantling and commercial scrap metal waste removal. Using our Eddy Current Separator, we can sort through shredded metal materials and correctly process each one.

Once the metals have been processed, we can bail them with our onsite machinery. After the material has been made into more transportable forms, we ship them worldwide to suppliers to construct new and valuable items through melting and sculpting.

If you need more information about how we can help you with your recycling needs and scrap metal solutions, feel free to enquire online.