The Servicing Range of Morecambe Metals in Lancaster and Beyond

A business’s location and its immediate community shouldn’t pose any limitations when it comes to the scope and essence of its activity. This is particularly true when referring to the world of metal recycling and collection, and Morecambe Metals, despite being a family-owned scrap metal recycling and processing business, has always strived to extend beyond its Lancaster borders.

In this blog, we’ll delve into Morecambe Metals’ services across Lancaster, Southern Scotland, Cumbria, Lancashire, and Cheshire, highlighting specific recycling projects, exploring how we customise our services based on regional demands, and showcasing the esteemed clients within our service offering.

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Environmental Benefits of Scrapping Your Metal

The latest available data on commercial and industrial waste generation suggests an overall downward trend since 2012 – a reduction of 2 million tonnes in England – and is clearly welcome news. However, estimates suggest that in England alone, 32.2 million tonnes of such waste were generated in 2016, indicating that there is certainly more that could be done.

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Benefits of Hiring Morecambe Metals for a Manufacturing Company/Factory

When running or managing a business within the manufacturing industry, keeping track of your working area and factory is vital to keeping a streamlined and efficient workflow.

While processes come and go, and systems are changing constantly, regardless of technology or changes, one process which will always be needed is factory clearance. Processes within manufacturing brings waste, and with waste comes different types of materials and metals.

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Morecambe Metals Record Breaking Year! [INFOGRAPHIC]

The team here at Morecambe Metals aren’t strangers to a little bit of success, and we are proud to announce that in the last annum we have a fantastic piece of news to share with our customers!

We have only gone and conquered the world of scrap metal and have managed to buy and process the largest amount that we have ever accomplished!

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What is Commercial Waste and What Can be Recycled?

When it comes to industrial premises and commercial waste, a comprehensive and high-quality service from a specially trained crew is important to proper practices. So, what is commercial waste, and keeping in mind the types of metals and other materials which can be found at these commercial locations, what can actually be recycled?

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Record Breaking Year at Morecambe Metals

When it comes to breaking records, Morecambe Metals are currently pleased to say that last year we were part of an enormous success. In last annum, regarding scrap metal tonnage, we were at the top of our league, managing to buy and process the most amount we have ever accomplished. With the recent dip in the industry, we are proud to reveal the numbers to you, all with big thanks to our customers.

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Day in the Life at Morecambe Metals

Morecambe Metals have been recycling, processing, and distributing scrap metal for over 35 years, and if there’s one thing that we can say, it is that an average day at our Morecambe site is incredibly busy. From the vast array of metals that we process to everything that happens in the office, we will let you take a peek into what our lives are like here at Morecambe Metals. Continue reading “Day in the Life at Morecambe Metals”