Record Breaking Year at Morecambe Metals

When it comes to breaking records, Morecambe Metals are currently pleased to say that last year we were part of an enormous success. In last annum, regarding scrap metal tonnage, we were at the top of our league, managing to buy and process the most amount we have ever accomplished. With the recent dip in the industry, we are proud to reveal the numbers to you, all with big thanks to our customers.

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Welcome to our Brand-New Website!

You may have noticed a bit of a change in our website lately – we’ve changed our design to make sure that you can navigate more easily!

With an emphasis on both domestic & trade, as well as corporate & commercial, our new website is focused on easy and optimised use. With sections on both sides of the business, the functioning of our website and of our services is clearer.

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The Science Behind Our Services

Science is one of the driving forces of modern day society; every month we are starting to see the latest technological feats being unveiled, and companies are implementing newer strategies in the scientific field to dominate their industry.

However, sometimes it is great to use science to help other industries; we use our very own pieces of scientific equipment here at Morecambe Metals, so we will give you a rundown of what things we can do at our Morecambe-based site and the science behind it.

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Do You Need to Hire a Skip? A Tradesman’s Guide

Whether you’re working on the plumbing of a property or conducting a thorough clean out which will result in a lot of scrap metal being produced, you’re probably thinking about hiring a skip. After all, it’s the easiest way to dispose of your scrap metal, right?

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind before jumping in and hiring a skip for your project.

Here at Morecambe Metals, we provide a comprehensive scrap metal collection service which can be a better option for many – especially if you need bulk collection. So, as a tradesman, should you opt for skip hire or a full scrap metal collection service? And what do you need to know before using either?

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What Metal Should You Scrap, What Shouldn’t You Scrap and What Should You Recycle?

Can all Metals Be Recycled?

Often all metals are recyclable, metals are one of the easiest materials to recycle. One advantage is that most of it can be recycled again and again without changing its properties.  Metals include cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and many more.

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Morecambe Metals: Who Are We?

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